Friday, December 24, 2010

Vikings vs. Eagles Game Preview

By now, everyone has had a chance to catch their breath after last week's game. There is no real reason to get too much into this game as the highlight reel speaks for itself.

Hopefully, there are some lessons learned from last week as well. The Eagles have been a first half team all season long which has been one of the primary reasons for their success. Slow starts that have plagued the Birds in the past have been almost non-existent with the exception of last week.

The next two weeks provide the coaching staff an opportunity to fine-tune a game plan that creates that first-strike capability against any defense they may face. Jumping on teams early and often to build a first quarter or first half lead has served them well in the past and should be the number one focus moving forward.

Even if they decide to throw the ball deep down field on every down of the first two or three series of the game it would still make sense because with the weapons on this team, your chances of converting a big play for an early score remain high (que the tape from the Monday night game against Washington).

I am all for establishing a running game, but this is not your father's Eagles. They have morphed, almost overnight, into the most exciting and dangerous offense in the league. So far, Andy Reid has done a great job at exploiting this fact, but with a legitimate shot at making it all the way to the Super Bowl, he needs to take it up a notch (if this is even humanly possible)

If they come out and do this against Minnesota and Dallas, it will serve the purpose of keeping any defensive coordinator that might have to face this team down the road up all night trying to figure out a way to stop them.

On to Sunday's game. The only drama that remains is whether or not Brett Favre tries to drag his bruised and battered body into one more game. If not, then the Vikings will throw rookie quarterback Joe Webb's feet into the fire against a team looking to clinch their division. Enough said!

Below is a link to my complete preview of Sunday night's game as originally posted on Cappers Picks.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

N.Y. vs. Green Bay Preview & Free Week 16 Pick

The Giants will have to quickly put last week's monumental meltdown against the Eagles behind them and direct their focus to finding a way to get a win in Green Bay this Sunday.

A win clinches a spot in the playoffs. A loss would not eliminate New York from the postseason, but it would need a win next week against Washington and some help to get in.

Green Bay's chances in this game greatly improved when its quarterback Aaron Rodgers was cleared to play after he sustained a concussion in the Packers Week 14 loss to Detroit.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Philadelphia vs. N.Y. Preview & Free Week 15 Pick

The rubber meets the road this week as the Eagles and the Giants square off this Sunday afternoon at the New Meadowlands Stadium in a game that should ultimately decide which team wins the NFC East.

A victory by either team does not clinch anything, but for all intent and purposes the winner has the inside track to not only the division title but a possible first round bye in the playoffs, while the loser could very well find themselves out of the playoffs all together.

This game will be all about which team's defense does the better job of slowing the other team's offense down.

In the case of the Giants, they have to find a way to constantly keep pressure on Michael Vick to keep him from getting comfortable throwing the ball downfield.

In the case of the Eagles, they are going to have to find a way to keep Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs from running up and down the field.

This will be a tall task for both teams, but possibly even a bit harder for Philadelphia with the loss of MLB Stewart Bradley and DE Brandon Graham, who were both lost for the year with injuries.

While this may sound like a homer call, my gut feeling is that Vick is primed to have his best game of the year under the biggest pressure he has faced so far. This one, like most of the Eagles-Giants games, will go right down to the wire, but in the end the Birds get the win.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunday Night Football Preview- Eagles vs. Cowboys

The Eagles travel to Dallas for the first of two meetings with the Cowboys this Sunday night in what can only be described as a must-win game for the Birds on a number of levels.

The playoff picture in the NFC is taking shape and right now you have seven teams (eight if you count Tampa Bay at 7-5) fighting for six spots so somebody is destined to be the odd man out even if they finish with a winning record.

Atlanta is at the top of the heap at 10-2 and appears to be a lock to get in. Chicago and New Orleans are next at 9-3 and also in solid position to each grab a spot. The NFC West is a complete mess as St. Louis or Seattle will get an automatic playoff berth by winning the division even if it has a losing record, so that is the fourth spot.

That leaves Green Bay, New York, and Philadelphia at 8-4 to battle it out for two of the last three spots. The Eagles have already beaten the Giants once, but have also lost to the Packers. They play the G-Men again next week in a game that will most likely decide which team wins the NFC East.

A win this week is important because it would ensure that the Eagles maintain their current edge over New York heading into next week's game, going on the assumption that the Giants beat the Vikings on Sunday as well. It would also leave the Eagles still in the hunt for a wildcard spot should they lose to New York.

A win is also vital in order to knock the huge monkey off their back that was put there in back-to-back humiliating losses to the 'Boys at the end of last season.

The first loss, a shocking 24-0 shutout, knocked the Birds from the second seed in the postseason all the way to sixth. The following week at the scene of the first crime, they were thumped by Dallas again to the tune of 34-14 in one of their most ugly postseason performances in team history.

Finally, a win this week would cement the fact that this year's team is for real and has a legitimate shot at making it all the way to the Super Bowl.

Forget the fact that the Cowboys come into this game with a record of 4-8. They are out to prove they are far better than their 1-7 start as well as playing for their collective jobs in the eyes of team owner Jerry Jones. Beating them in their own backyard suddenly becomes a tall task to say the least.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Dallas Week- Part I

I know I am way early on this given the fact its only Friday, but after last night's win over Houston it is time to switch focus to that other team in Texas.

This year's series with the Cowboys has already lost much of its luster with the dismal performance of Dallas year to date, but none the less it still remains the biggest rivalry of the season.

All one has to do is think back to last year's season-ending loss to the Cowboys in the playoffs, not to mention the loss the last week of the regular season that cost the Birds the No.2 seed in the playoffs, to start salivating at the opportunity to beat the 'Boys twice this season and pile onto their misery.

To me, there is nothing better in the world, other than an Eagles' win, then a Dallas loss; no matter how poor its record is. I can still remember back in 1989 when Buddy Ryan ran up the score in a 27-0 whitewash of Jimmy Johnson's 'Boys in Big D. That team finished the season 1-15 making it one of my fondest memories of "America's Team".

Hopefully Tony Romo will be back for the last game of the regular season at the Linc so Philly's defense gets a chance at payback for his role in last season's defeats. If you think the fans have a long memory, it pales in comparison to a player's. Not to mention it would complete the perfect trifecta; two wins over Dallas and a thorough pummeling of one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the league today.

Bring on the Boys and be sure to check back this time next week for my full preview of the game.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday Night Football- Texans @ Eagles

The Eagles are fortunate to have a chance to put last week's 31-26 loss to Chicago quickly behind them by playing Houston in the Thursday night game this week.

Not that this game will be a breeze, given the way the Bears were able to move the ball up and down the field against Philly's defense, but it offers a chance to get a quick win as well as some extra rest heading into the final four games of the season.

The key to beating the Texans will be jumping on them quickly much like the Monday night game against the Redskins. If Michael Vick can lead the offense to a couple of quick touchdowns instead of field goals it will help take Houston's running game out of the picture which is actually the Texans' biggest strength. The opportunity to put up some points should be there, given that Houston's defense is ranked 28th in the league overall and 31st against the pass.

Last week I expected the Birds' defense to step up and win the game but I have given up on that notion. If Chicago's 28th ranked offense can score 31 points you would have to believe that the Texan's seventh ranked offense will have some success despite the fact they are playing on the road.

This is a game that Eagles should win with relative ease, but as everyone knows from past seasons, you can never take anything for granted with this team. Hopefully, last week's game got some of the typical late season ugliness out of their system and left them poised to reel off enough wins to not only win the division, but lock up one of the top two spots in the conference.

Below is a link to my complete preview of Thursday night's game as originally posted on Cappers Picks

Thursday Night Football- Texans @ Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles- 2010 Schedule & Predictions UPDATE

Here is an update of my original game by game predictions along with the actual results

Green Bay Sun 09/12 4:15 PM EDT-LOSS..........27-20 LOSS
Detroit Sun 09/19 1:00 PM EDT -WIN...............35-32 WIN
@ Jacksonville Sun 09/26 4:05 PM EDT -WIN.....28-3 WIN
Washington Sun 10/03 4:15 PM EDT -WIN.........17-12 LOSS
@ San Francisco Sun 10/10 8:20 PM EDT -LOSS...27-24 WIN
Atlanta Sun 10/17 1:00 PM EDT -WIN................31-17 WIN
@ Tennessee Sun 10/24 1:00 PM EDT -WIN........37-19 LOSS
Indianapolis Sun 11/07 4:15 PM EST -LOSS..........26-24 WIN
@ Washington Mon 11/15 8:30 PM EST -LOSS*..........59-28 WIN
New York Giants Sun 11/21 8:20 PM EST -WIN........27-17 WIN
@ Chicago Sun 11/28 1:00 PM EST -WIN..............31-26 LOSS
Houston Thu 12/02 8:20 PM EST -WIN................34-24 WIN

YTD Prediction 8-4......YTD Actual 8-4

* I changed this game to a win after my original picks.

I am still on track for a 10-6 record, but given the fact that the Eagles still have two games against the Cowboys and one against the Vikings, 11-5 or even 12-4 is still a strong possibility.