Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Dallas Week- Part I

I know I am way early on this given the fact its only Friday, but after last night's win over Houston it is time to switch focus to that other team in Texas.

This year's series with the Cowboys has already lost much of its luster with the dismal performance of Dallas year to date, but none the less it still remains the biggest rivalry of the season.

All one has to do is think back to last year's season-ending loss to the Cowboys in the playoffs, not to mention the loss the last week of the regular season that cost the Birds the No.2 seed in the playoffs, to start salivating at the opportunity to beat the 'Boys twice this season and pile onto their misery.

To me, there is nothing better in the world, other than an Eagles' win, then a Dallas loss; no matter how poor its record is. I can still remember back in 1989 when Buddy Ryan ran up the score in a 27-0 whitewash of Jimmy Johnson's 'Boys in Big D. That team finished the season 1-15 making it one of my fondest memories of "America's Team".

Hopefully Tony Romo will be back for the last game of the regular season at the Linc so Philly's defense gets a chance at payback for his role in last season's defeats. If you think the fans have a long memory, it pales in comparison to a player's. Not to mention it would complete the perfect trifecta; two wins over Dallas and a thorough pummeling of one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the league today.

Bring on the Boys and be sure to check back this time next week for my full preview of the game.

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