Friday, December 24, 2010

Vikings vs. Eagles Game Preview

By now, everyone has had a chance to catch their breath after last week's game. There is no real reason to get too much into this game as the highlight reel speaks for itself.

Hopefully, there are some lessons learned from last week as well. The Eagles have been a first half team all season long which has been one of the primary reasons for their success. Slow starts that have plagued the Birds in the past have been almost non-existent with the exception of last week.

The next two weeks provide the coaching staff an opportunity to fine-tune a game plan that creates that first-strike capability against any defense they may face. Jumping on teams early and often to build a first quarter or first half lead has served them well in the past and should be the number one focus moving forward.

Even if they decide to throw the ball deep down field on every down of the first two or three series of the game it would still make sense because with the weapons on this team, your chances of converting a big play for an early score remain high (que the tape from the Monday night game against Washington).

I am all for establishing a running game, but this is not your father's Eagles. They have morphed, almost overnight, into the most exciting and dangerous offense in the league. So far, Andy Reid has done a great job at exploiting this fact, but with a legitimate shot at making it all the way to the Super Bowl, he needs to take it up a notch (if this is even humanly possible)

If they come out and do this against Minnesota and Dallas, it will serve the purpose of keeping any defensive coordinator that might have to face this team down the road up all night trying to figure out a way to stop them.

On to Sunday's game. The only drama that remains is whether or not Brett Favre tries to drag his bruised and battered body into one more game. If not, then the Vikings will throw rookie quarterback Joe Webb's feet into the fire against a team looking to clinch their division. Enough said!

Below is a link to my complete preview of Sunday night's game as originally posted on Cappers Picks.

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