Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Matchups

The key to picking a winner in any football game is understanding how one team matches up against the other in terms of strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to a game like the Super Bowl these match-ups get analyzed to the point of ad nauseam simply because there are two full weeks to discuss every possible aspect of the game in inane detail.

In an effort to help you wade through and make sense of everything said or printed about next Sunday's Super Bowl the following article (link listed below) is a rudimentary analysis of Green Bay and Pittsburgh in the simplest aspects possible; offense, defense, special teams, and intangibles.

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Super Bowl XLV Matchups

Super Bowl XLV Handicapping Guide

The Super Bowl has been and remains the most heavily wagered on single sporting event in the country (both legally and illegally). Whether you plan to be in Las Vegas for the big game or playing a square in the local office block pool, chances are you are one of the millions of Americans that have a piece of action on the game.

If you plan to wager on the actual outcome of the game or on the scoring total line, the following article (link located below) is a good starting point to begin your handicapping efforts.

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Super Bowl XLV Handicapping Guide

Super Bowl XLV Point Spread Preview

The first week of all the hype and hoopla for Super Bowl XLV is coming to a close so it is time to get down to the serious business of handicapping this historic sporting event.

The following link is a general preview of next Sunday's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers in terms of the current point spread on the game which has the Packers favored by 2 1/2-points.

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Super Bowl XLV Point Spread Preview

Friday, January 21, 2011

NFL Conference Championship Previews

The NFL playoffs are down to the final four teams with the conference championships on tap for this Sunday.

The NFC championship pits the Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago in the early game at 3 p.m.

Next up, in a 6:30 p.m. start, the New York Jets take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Both these games are rematches from the regular season so these teams come into these games with a high level of familiarity, especially in the NFC given that this will be the third meeting between the Packers and Bears this year.

The Jets beat the Steelers 22-17 on the road in Week 15 after stopping a late-game Pittsburgh drive to preserve the win.

The Packers lost to the Bears 20-17 on opening day in Chicago, but came away with a 10-3 win at home in the last week of the regular season.

Below is my complete preview of each game as originally posted on SportsBook Lists

Green Bay @ Chicago

New York @ Pittsburgh

Monday, January 17, 2011

NFL Divisional Playoffs Betting Review: January 17th 2011

Below is a link to my review of last weekend's Divisional Round on the NFL playoffs as originally posted on

My preseason pick of a Green Bay vs. Baltimore Super Bowl fell apart with the Ravens 31-24 loss to Pittsburgh, but the Packers are alive and well. When it is all said and done the Eagles effort against Green Bay might just go down as the toughest challenge it faced on the way to another World Championship.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Betting Review: January 17th 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

NFL Playoffs- Divisional Round Previews

The Eagles have joined the ranks of the unemployed for the remainder of the 2010 NFL season, but as they say on Broadway 'The show must go on'.

Much to my dismay, my pick to win the NFC this season is still alive thanks to the suddenly crooked foot of David Ackers. The only salvation I can draw from this year is to root for the other team in green to go all the way to Super Bowl XLV in Big D, so I am taking the Packers over the Falcons.

The other NFC matchup features one team with a losing record against a team that is the ultimate definition of 'smoke and mirrors'. Seattle stinks on the road but if there is any justice in the world it will beat the Bears in Chicago for the second time this year. I honestly think that this will not be the case, but just ask New Orleans about being a double-digit favorite. As they say, "this is why they play the game".

Shifting the AFC, forget about the Jets, as New England is a mortal lock to not only win, but easily cover the nine-point spread. Rex Ryan is just a bigger version of his father Buddy; all talk all the time. With the season on the line I'll take a Belichick over a Ryan 10 out of 10 times.

The best game of the weekend will be played on the frozen tundra of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The Ravens and Steelers define the definition of two teams that truly hate one another. Their rivalry makes the Eagles-Cowboys games look like a church social. Once again I will have to defer to my preseason pick to win the AFC, which just so happen to be Baltimore.

For all the particulars of each matchup check out my preview of each game as originally posted on SportsBook Lists. The link to each game is listed below.

Ravens @ Steelers

Packers @ Falcons

Seahawks @ Bears

Jets @ Patriots

Monday, January 10, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Season- Epitaph

The Eagles 2010 season officially came to a close with Michael Vick's interception to Green Bay CB Tramon Williams in the end zone in the closing seconds of Sunday's game.

In reality, the season actually started its demise in the Week 15 game against the Giants. The dramatic comeback masked the growing problems with the defense as well as growing wear and tear on Vick himself.

Defensive coordinators had enough tape on him by then to scheme against his tendencies. The repeated hits he endured the last few games made him a little less fearless than he was when he was able to run free and clear.

Unfortunately, these hits also ended any serious consideration for Philly's latest sports hero to capture national accolades as this year's league Most Valuable Player.

Regardless of Sunday's painful loss, it was still one heck of year that actually exceeded most people's expectations. I had predicted before the season began that Philadelphia would make the playoffs as a wildcard team with a record of 9-7. Most people at the time had this team at 8-8 or less and missing the postseason all together.

Once again we are left disappointed by the outcome of a game that ended the season, but in the end 31 out of 32 teams eventually feel the same pain. This team still has a ton of young talent and if a couple of holes can be filled, will be right back in contention for another run at winning a NFL championship.

The reality remains that the offensive line lacks the stability of the Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan days. The biggest concern to me is that the defense has never been the same since losing coordinator Jim Johnson and safety Brian Dawkins.

The plain and simple fact that Sean McDermott’s unit does not scare anybody in the league is truly disheartening to any Eagles fan that lives and dies with smash-mouth defense.

I have confidence that Andy Reid and the Eagles front office will do everything in their power to make the right personnel moves to make this team better. They have been one of the most successful franchises in the NFL for well over a decade, but they are also widely thought of as the Sergio Garcia of the football world. In other words they remain‘the best team in the league to never win a Super Bowl’.

Until a new collective bargaining agreement is signed with the NFL Players Association, the uncertainty of the league as a whole will continue to overshadow the uncertainty of this team’s future in 2011. I am confident that both the owners and players will come to their senses in plenty of time to save the season, just as I am confident that the Eagles will make another strong run at that elusive world title next year.

Super Bowl XLVI is scheduled for February 5 in Indianapolis. It would not be the ideal location for a road trip in the middle of winter, but I’m keeping the date open just in case.

Friday, January 7, 2011

NFC Wildcard Playoffs – Packers vs. Eagles Game Preview

Before the 2010 NFL regular season started I predicted that Green Bay would win the NFC this year. After listening to all the experts from ESPN and the NFL Network this week, I find myself in the majority as most of them have already anointed the Packers as the fall guy for the almighty Patriots in Super Bowl XLV.

A funny thing happened on the way to the big game in Big D this February and his name is Michael Vick. Anyone who has followed my blog over the past few years knows that I was always a big fan of the Eagles decision to sign Vick after he was reinstated back into the NFL. This guy is one of the best pure athletes to ever play the game and with the proper direction from Andy Reid and Co. has now become one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league.

There are few people that would disagree that Philly will only go as far as Vick will take them. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year behind Kevin Kolb, but behind Vick it has turned into another big tease at achieving the unthinkable, a NFL championship.

I admit it, I have once again drank the Kool Aid, just like I did time and time again in the Andy Reid era. The facts are painfully evident. Since 1999, Philadelphia has made the playoffs nine times including this season. It has been to five NFC Championships and lost four of them. It went to one Super Bowl and despite a valiant effort, lost that game as well.

Despite this track record, on the eve of yet another playoff run, I remain confident there will be a parade down Broad Street come February. As a die-hard Eagles fan this is what we do. Go to the highest heights possible, but not high enough so the fall kills us.

The Eagles will win this game but it will not be easy. This will be a one or two point nail-biting affair, something like 34-33. David Akers will be the hero with a last second game-winning kick, but mark my words, Vick will be the only reason he ever got the chance.

Below is a link to my complete preview of the game as posted on Cappers Picks

NFC Wildcard Playoffs – Packers vs. Eagles Game Preview

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NFL Playoff Appearences- Last 12 Years

I just dug up this information off one of the sites I write for, Cappers Picks.

NFL’s perennial playoff teams over the past 12 seasons

Total Playoff Appearances

Colts 11
Eagles 8
Patriots 8
Seahawks 7
Ravens 7
Steelers 7
Giants 6
Packers 6
Buccaneers 6
Jets 6
Titans 6

Do not forget that five of the Eagles' appearances resulted in a trip to the NFC Championship. Unfortunately, their 1-4 record in that game is a source of continual angst when this time of the year rolls around.

NFL Playoff Predictions

After much deliberation and careful consideration, I am ready to release my official predictions for this year's NFL playoffs all the way to the winner of Super Bowl XLV.

I originally had predicted that Baltimore and Green Bay would win its respective conference and meet for the championship with the Packers winning it all. While that is still a possibilty, I have adjusted my picks to reflect the actual results of the regular season.


New Orleans (over Seattle)
New York (over Indianapolis)
Baltimore (over Kansas City)
Philadelphia (over Green Bay)


New England (over New York)
Baltimore (over Pittsburgh)

Philadelphia (over Chicago)
New Orleans (over Atlanta)


New England (over Baltimore)
Philadelphia (over New Orleans)


New England 31 Philadelphia 28

Philadelphia Eagles- 2010 Schedule & Predictions FINAL RESULTS

Philadelphia Eagles- 2010 Schedule & Predictions FINAL RESULTS
Here is the complete list of my original game by game predictions along with the actual results

Green Bay Sun 09/12 4:15 PM EDT-LOSS..........27-20 LOSS
Detroit Sun 09/19 1:00 PM EDT -WIN...............35-32 WIN
@ Jacksonville Sun 09/26 4:05 PM EDT -WIN.....28-3 WIN
Washington Sun 10/03 4:15 PM EDT -WIN.........17-12 LOSS
@ San Francisco Sun 10/10 8:20 PM EDT -LOSS...27-24 WIN
Atlanta Sun 10/17 1:00 PM EDT -WIN................31-17 WIN
@ Tennessee Sun 10/24 1:00 PM EDT -WIN........37-19 LOSS
Indianapolis Sun 11/07 4:15 PM EST -LOSS..........26-24 WIN
@ Washington Mon 11/15 8:30 PM EST -LOSS*..........59-28 WIN
New York Giants Sun 11/21 8:20 PM EST -WIN........27-17 WIN
@ Chicago Sun 11/28 1:00 PM EST -WIN..............31-26 LOSS
Houston Thu 12/02 8:20 PM EST -WIN................34-24 WIN
@ Dallas Sun 12/12 8:20 PM EST -LOSS..............30-27 WIN
@ New York Giants Sun 12/19 1:00 PM EST -LOSS.....38-31 WIN
Minnesota Sun 12/26 1:00 PM EST -WIN .............24-14 LOSS
Dallas Sun 01/02 1:00 PM EST -WIN.................14-13 LOSS

While I did not do that good of a job of correctly picking a few games down the stretch, I nailed the actual final record of 10-6 right on the nose.

I had the Cowboys winning the division and the Eagles as the Wildcard, but it was well worth being wrong about Dallas. As far as my other playoff predictions I was all over the place and for the most part wrong across the board.

The postseason begins on Saturday, so check back for my fearless prognostications for which two teams will meet in Super Bowl XLV and which one wins it all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cowboys @ Eagles Game Preview- Sunday Jan. 2, 2011

It is the last week of the regular season and with the Cowboys on the schedule for the third straight year it is hard to believe that this game as absolutely no meaning for either team.

The Eagles clinched the NFC East, but threw away the shot at a first-round bye with their ugly performance against Minnesota on Tuesday night.

The Cowboys' 1-7 start ended their season early as they have been playing out the string since the leaves were still on the trees.

Today's game is a chance for Kevin Kolb to show why he is one of the best back-ups in the league as well as a chance for Stephen McGee to make his first NFL start at quarterback for Dallas. Hopefully, the Birds' defense will do a better job of stopping him then they did against a late-round rookie draft pick named Joe Webb.

It will also be a chance to rest some players, using this week as the bye week to get ready for a deep playoff run. The way things are shaping up is that next week Green Bay comes to town for the Wildcard Round.

If the Packers fail to win today, the Eagles could possibly face the Giants for the third time this year. Either way, it is a game they should be able to win with a well-rested Michael Vick behind center.

A win next week would most likely set up a return trip to Chicago to face a team that gave Philadelphia fits the first time it played there. None the less, it is a game that can still be won.

From there is could be a date in Atlanta or possibly a home championship game against New Orleans, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Until then, below is a link to my full preview of today's game as originally posted on Cappers Picks

Dallas vs. Philadelphia Preview & Free Week 17 Pick