Saturday, March 3, 2012

DeSean Jackson Gets Tagged

The big news out of Philly this week was the Eagles' decision to slap the 'Franchise Tag' on wide receiver DeSean Jackson to prevent him from becoming a free agent while they work on hammering-out a long-term deal.

This move comes as no real surprise as this was the game plan all along. I am sure that both sides have been working on a new contract, but the reality is that he still needs to prove that he can be a stable and consistent contributor to the team before warranting a multi-year deal.

Jackson may tweet otherwise, but he should be the happiest guy in the world as this move guarantees he will earn over $9 million this season, which is over three times as much as his entire three-year rookie contract. It gives him a chance to prove he is an elite NFL wide receiver by having a monster season this year, which would ensure an even bigger payday down the road. It also gives the Eagles a chance to make an informed decision as to Jackson's long-term status with the team.

There is no doubt that DeSean is a prime-time player when he puts his mind to it, but as one of the many prima donna wide receivers in the league, he is also prone to both erratic and selfish behavior at the worst times. I do not know what it is about this position that produces so many flakes, but Jackson finds himself and his career at a crossroads because of his past actions and attitude. Now that the Eagles have 'showed him the money' hopefully he decides to grow-up and respond accordingly.

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