Monday, May 7, 2012

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Futures Update

A week after the New York Giants knocked-off the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI Bovada opened the Eagles at 14/1 odds to win it all this season with five other teams having lower odds. After two full months of free agency and last month's college draft, the Birds remain right where they started as the sixth-favorite at 14/1 to finally bring home a Super Bowl title to a city that is starved for a championship. Overall, Philadelphia has done a good job at filling some holes on both sides of the ball with its offseason acquisitions, but it will still need to prove that even with a roster filled with a ton of individual talent that it can play and win as a team over the entire course of a 17-week regular season.

Green Bay remains the odds-on-favorite to come out of the NFC and New England remains the favorite to win the AFC. The Packers have a slight edge at 13/2 to win it all with New England at 8/1 to snap a two-game losing streak in the Super Bowl. The following is a link to a look at which team's stock is rising in the eyes of the betting public and which teams are headed in the wrong direction over the past three months in terms of its 'futures' odds. This article was originally posted on Bang the Book.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Futures Update

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