Friday, September 18, 2015

NFC East Week 2 Preview & Predictions

The Dallas Cowboys remain at the top of the NFC East simply because all of the other three teams in the division lost their season opener. New York gift-wrapped the Cowboys' win last Sunday night with some poor clock management in the closing minutes of the game and Washington could not find the end zone in its loss to Miami.

Our beloved Birds did everything they could to lose Monday's night game in Atlanta and they still almost won. You can only shoot yourself in the foot so many times before you blow off all of your toes. The Eagles did just that in a game they should have easily won if they had brought their A-Game to the Georgia Dome. I am putting this one in the vault and moving onto this Sunday's game against Dallas in what is already an early season must-win situation.

The good news is that when the Eagles' offense was clicking last week against the Falcons it looked pretty good. They are going to have to find a way to run the ball, but I was impressed with how Sam Bradford ran the show in three second-half scoring drives. The bad news is that the Eagles' defensive secondary needs to get its act together in a hurry. Maybe it is a case of these guys not being used to playing together or maybe it was a poor defensive scheme by coordinator Bill Davis, but if there is not some significant improvement defending the pass the losses are going to start piling up.

As far as my NFC East "pick of the week" I completely stayed away from Sunday's Cowboys' game. Of course I think the Eagles will win, but that is the fan in me talking. Giving Dallas five points does not make betting sense after watching Monday night's performance.

The following link to Doc's Sports has a brief preview of all three NFC East games on Sunday's slate along with my official pick for one of the other two games.

Expert NFL Betting Picks: Weekly NFC East Predictions Week 2

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