Friday, January 7, 2011

NFC Wildcard Playoffs – Packers vs. Eagles Game Preview

Before the 2010 NFL regular season started I predicted that Green Bay would win the NFC this year. After listening to all the experts from ESPN and the NFL Network this week, I find myself in the majority as most of them have already anointed the Packers as the fall guy for the almighty Patriots in Super Bowl XLV.

A funny thing happened on the way to the big game in Big D this February and his name is Michael Vick. Anyone who has followed my blog over the past few years knows that I was always a big fan of the Eagles decision to sign Vick after he was reinstated back into the NFL. This guy is one of the best pure athletes to ever play the game and with the proper direction from Andy Reid and Co. has now become one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league.

There are few people that would disagree that Philly will only go as far as Vick will take them. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year behind Kevin Kolb, but behind Vick it has turned into another big tease at achieving the unthinkable, a NFL championship.

I admit it, I have once again drank the Kool Aid, just like I did time and time again in the Andy Reid era. The facts are painfully evident. Since 1999, Philadelphia has made the playoffs nine times including this season. It has been to five NFC Championships and lost four of them. It went to one Super Bowl and despite a valiant effort, lost that game as well.

Despite this track record, on the eve of yet another playoff run, I remain confident there will be a parade down Broad Street come February. As a die-hard Eagles fan this is what we do. Go to the highest heights possible, but not high enough so the fall kills us.

The Eagles will win this game but it will not be easy. This will be a one or two point nail-biting affair, something like 34-33. David Akers will be the hero with a last second game-winning kick, but mark my words, Vick will be the only reason he ever got the chance.

Below is a link to my complete preview of the game as posted on Cappers Picks

NFC Wildcard Playoffs – Packers vs. Eagles Game Preview

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