Friday, January 14, 2011

NFL Playoffs- Divisional Round Previews

The Eagles have joined the ranks of the unemployed for the remainder of the 2010 NFL season, but as they say on Broadway 'The show must go on'.

Much to my dismay, my pick to win the NFC this season is still alive thanks to the suddenly crooked foot of David Ackers. The only salvation I can draw from this year is to root for the other team in green to go all the way to Super Bowl XLV in Big D, so I am taking the Packers over the Falcons.

The other NFC matchup features one team with a losing record against a team that is the ultimate definition of 'smoke and mirrors'. Seattle stinks on the road but if there is any justice in the world it will beat the Bears in Chicago for the second time this year. I honestly think that this will not be the case, but just ask New Orleans about being a double-digit favorite. As they say, "this is why they play the game".

Shifting the AFC, forget about the Jets, as New England is a mortal lock to not only win, but easily cover the nine-point spread. Rex Ryan is just a bigger version of his father Buddy; all talk all the time. With the season on the line I'll take a Belichick over a Ryan 10 out of 10 times.

The best game of the weekend will be played on the frozen tundra of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The Ravens and Steelers define the definition of two teams that truly hate one another. Their rivalry makes the Eagles-Cowboys games look like a church social. Once again I will have to defer to my preseason pick to win the AFC, which just so happen to be Baltimore.

For all the particulars of each matchup check out my preview of each game as originally posted on SportsBook Lists. The link to each game is listed below.

Ravens @ Steelers

Packers @ Falcons

Seahawks @ Bears

Jets @ Patriots

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