Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minnesota Knocks Dallas Out of the Playoffs

The Minnesota Vikings did to Dallas what the Cowboys did to the Eagles last week; completely kicked their butts in a dominating playoff win. The final score was 34-3 as this game was never close.

From the very start, the Vikings had the Cowboys number. Defensively they shut down the running game and sacked Tony Romo six times as well as forced three costly turnovers. On offense, QB Brett Favre turned in a solid performance throwing for 234 yards for 4 TD's and no interceptions.
He completed 15 of 24 attempts ending the day with a passer rating of 124.5

I thoroughly enjoyed this beatdown of the 'Boys. Everybody and their mother jumped on their bandwagon after two wins over an uninspired Eagles team. All the closet Cowboy fans came out in full force to try and will "America's Team" to another win. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as good as all these bandwagon wanna be's thought they were.

I'll concede the fact that they were better than the Eagles at the end of the year, and that is something we as fans still have to stomach for the entire off season. What I will not concede is that this is one of the elite teams in the NFL. Tony Romo is an average quarterback at best and once again showed he cannot elevate his game when it mattered the most. Wade Phillips is a defensive coordinator disguised as a head coach. They have a ton of talent, but it has amounted to one playoff win in six postseason games.

One lasting image to take with you as Dallas exits the playoffs;team owner Jerry Jones pacing the sidelines with a dumb look of bewilderment wondering what just happened to his beloved 'Boys. As the Master Card commercial say's "priceless".

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