Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints Shock the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV

While the Saints were not the biggest underdog to win a Super Bowl, their's might just be the most inspirational win by one.

Once the Eagles were knocked out of the playoffs I did throw my support behind New Orleans, but I honestly did not see them winning this game. It just goes to show that emotion can win games as long as you back it up with a solid performance. Hopefully this will be a lesson learned by Philly as they start planning for next season.

Here is my take on this game as posted on InasecTV.

Saints Shock the Colts


  1. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. Sean Payton did an excellent job coaching. His decisions resulted in the game momentum benefiting his team. The Colts defense was passive and allowed the Saints offense to control the game.

  2. The great thing about Payton, he was willing to take the ultimate chance of being either a hero or a goat. The greater the risk, the richer the reward.