Friday, April 2, 2010

NFL News & Notes- April 2nd

While there are no new developments in the Donovan McNabb situation, I think it is a foregone conclusion that his playing days in Philadelphia are over.

Whether it is the right move or not, it appears that the Eagles are committed to Kevin Kolb as their new starting quarterback and are just trying to maximize McNabb's value to get as much as they can from another team. This is the unfortunate business side of the game as over the years we have seen many great players make an unceremonious exit from the team.

I will go on record right now by saying Donovan McNabb will eventually win a Super Bowl. He may not do it as a starter, but before he calls it quits he will get his ring. I wish I could say the same for Kevin Kolb, but that script has yet to be written.

I guess I can add my #5 jersey to the box that already contains a #12, #92,
#28, and #36.

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