Saturday, April 9, 2011

NFL Draft: Offensive Skill Players a Hot Commodity

Every year all 32 NFL teams look to the college draft as a means to fill existing holes in the starting lineup, add depth to some of the weaker areas on the roster, and to generally improve their overall level of talent.

Selecting offensive and defensive linemen when the need exists often makes the most sense as a strong line on both sides of the ball is the key to winning championships. Despite this fact, football fans rarely get excited when their team selects a 325 pound offensive tackle with its first round pick. Everyone loves the glamour positions of quarterback, wide receiver, and running back.

The following is look back over the past few drafts to see how the top players in these skill positions have fared in their first few seasons in the NFL as originally posted on Doc's Sports

NFL Draft: Offensive Skill Players a Hot Commodity

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