Saturday, December 10, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Miami Dolphins Game Preview

The Eagles are back in action this Sunday after a much-needed 10-day hiatus to tangle with the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens. The last time we saw our beloved Birds they were getting pecked apart by the Seahawks in front of a prime-time Thursday night audience on the NFL Network. It was one of their uglier efforts in a season filled with ugly efforts.

It appears that Andy Reid has gotten a vote of confidence from team owner Jeff Lurie that he will remain the head coach despite the rumblings that this season's debacle would cost him his job. I suggested a few weeks back that Reid himself may step down, citing burnout and exhaustion ala Dick Vermeil. That still may happen, especially if the team goes completely in the tank and loses its final four games.

The reality is that all the talent that the Eagles brought in this year could actually make them a legitimate 'dream team' if it is properly coached and Reid is well aware of this fact. He also knows this could be his best and last chance to harness this talent and turn it into a championship run in 2012.

What this team really needs is an injection of attitude and a true leader on defense. They already have one of the most explosive offenses in the league as long as DeSean Jackson gets his head screwed back on and the defense is a couple of linebackers and a real defensive coordinator away from returning to its past glory.

I actually picked the Eagles to lose to Seattle last week, but with Michael Vick back at the helm, I am going all-in on the Birds this week. It will be a close game, but I am counting on the Eagles to go out and win one for their coach, just as the 4-8 Dolphins have been doing lately in probably a fruitless effort to save Tony Sparano's job as theirs.

The following is my complete preview and prediction for Sunday's game as originally posted on Cappers Picks

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Miami Dolphins Game Preview

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