Saturday, June 2, 2012

AFC Divisional Futures Odds Update

A few weeks back I took a look at the odds for the four divisional races in the NFC. This week I turn my attention to the AFC to take a closer look at the odds for all 16 teams in respect to their chance to end-up on top of their division in 2012.

The New England Patriots are not only favored to win the AFC East but the overall conference as well. This should come as no big surprise considering that they have been perennial favorites in the AFC for the better part of the last decade. While the Patriots will most likely work their way to the top of their division, resist the temptation to wager on them winning the AFC. The last time a team lost the Super Bowl and made it back the following season was the Buffalo Bills in 1994.

The following is a link to my entire preview of the AFC as originally posted on Bang the Book

2012 AFC Divisional Futures Update

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