Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 2012 NFL Tight Ends by the Stats

After covering the key statistics for the top five running backs and wide receivers in 2012 in the first two installments of this four-part series for Sporting Charts , I am now moving on to the tight ends.

This position has evolved over the past decade or so into one of the most diversified and important on the offensive side of the ball. Not only is a tight end a key element of the running game though their ability to take out defensive ends or linebackers to open-up running lanes to the outside, they can make or break a team's passing game with their ability to exploit the middle of the field.

While players in this position traditionally carried the size and height of an offensive lineman, today's prototypical All-Pro tight end also has the hands of a wide receiver that make him the ultimate weapon when properly utilized in the offensive scheme.

Below is a link to my complete statistical analysis of the top five NFL tight ends in terms of their performance in this past regular season. This article was originally posted on Sporting Charts.

Top Tight Ends of the 2012 NFL Season by the Stats

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