Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NFL 2012 Betting Trends Against the Spread

It was bad enough that the Eagles only won four games last season, but given the high expectations for the team heading into the regular season, they were absolute murder to wager on. The Birds had the worst record in the league last season against the spread at 3-12-1. Things were even worse at home where they failed to cover in seven of eight games with the other one ending as a PUSH. You could have made a fortune fading the Birds last season to the tune of $870 for every $100 wagered assuming that you went against them in all 16 games.

The following is an analysis of the NFL's 2012 ATS results in terms of a few betting trends that remained consistent throughout the entire regular season. It also points out some basic handicapping tips that you can easily incorporate into your wagering strategy for next season. This article was originally posted on Bang the Book as part of my ongoing series 'NFL Betting Trends'.

NFL 2012 ATS Results by the Numbers

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