Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Eagles, the Giants and Turnovers

In the NFL, turnovers can turn seasons around in both a positive and negative way as was the case last season with both the Eagles and the Giants.

Andy Reid sealed his fate in Philadelphia after his team posted just four wins in the 2012 regular season. Almost everything that could go wrong did in that fateful campaign, but at the top of the list was an NFL-worst turnover ratio of -24. In the first season of the Chip Kelly era, the Eagles turned things around with a turnover ratio of +12 and they also happened to win 10 games on their way to the 2013 NFC East title.

The Giants were favored by many to win the division title last season but a six-game losing streak right out of the gate quickly brought an end to those plans. A big reason for such a dismal start was a turnover ratio of -16. Eli Manning was the main culprit with 15 interceptions in those first six games. New York eventually cleaned-up its act to go 7-9 on the year with a turnover ratio of +1 over those last 10 games.

Below is a link to a recent article I wrote for Sporting Charts that takes a closer look at the impact that turnovers can have on a team's chances to win or lose in this league

Comparing NFL Turnover Ratios to Winning Percentage

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