Saturday, November 28, 2015

NFL Betting Odds to Make the Playoffs

You know that things are bad when a team is a game and half out of first place in its division and the sportsbooks will not even post any betting odds for its chances to make the playoffs. The 2015 Philadelphia Eagles are one of those teams. Following another blowout loss this past Thursday to a Detroit Lions' team that had won a grand total of three games this season, the Birds have officially gravitated from being a good team playing bad to a bad team playing awful.

Former NFL head coach Jim Mora will always be best known for his animated and exasperated rant about making the playoffs when his Indianapolis Colts team fell to 4-6 in 2001 after a bad loss to San Francisco. I could not bring myself to watch any of the post-game interviews following the Eagles' latest collapse, but I hope that nobody asked Chip Kelly about his team's chances to make it into the postseason this year. The only question I would like to ask is where does he think he will be coaching next season?

Moving on, there are a number of NFL teams in both the AFC and the NFC that have a legitimate chance to get into the playoffs and BetOnline Sportsbook has recently set some betting odds for their chances as a special NFL team prop. Each and every week of the NFL season I put together my "best bet" picks for some of these special props for Doc's Sports and this week I came up with picks for a trio of team's betting odds to extend their regular season into this year's Super Bowl Derby.

The following is the link to this week's piece on Doc's.

NFL Playoff Odds: Picks and Predictions for Three Potential Playoff Teams

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  1. Will Chip go to the Titans to be with his beloved M.Mariotta, or back to the college ranks? Let's start listing the NFL coordinators who would like to step up to be a winning coach.