Saturday, January 2, 2016

Betting on Chip Kelly's Future-Part 2

I few weeks ago a posted a link to an article I wrote for Doc's Sports covering the betting odds for Chip Kelly's future in Philadelphia. In typical fashion, I made it my top selection that he would be on the Eagles' sideline as head coach on opening day 2016. In my defense, I also stated that team owner Jeff Lurie was a patient man and that he would most likely give Kelly a chance to turn things around heading into the final year of his four-year contract.

All this just tells me that Kelly had to have worked pretty hard at getting himself fired this past week. The past few days I have been reading reports of what went down between the owner and the former coach in a heart-to-heart talk that eventually got Kelly fired and I am not sure we will ever get the full story of why the Wizard of Broad Street was sent packing. Some football insiders are saying that Lurie had all intentions of letting him go before that meeting ever took place, while others are saying that Kelly's callous and aloof attitude towards the whole situation is what got him canned.

It does not matter what really happened to make Lurie pull the plug on an experiment gone bad. Kelly proved to be bad fit in the NFL from the start and two winning seasons simply put a band-aid on a bleeding wound that was never going to heal. Most coaches that thrive on the college level decide to stay there for their own good. Being a head coach in the NFL is a whole new ball game and best suited for the guys that already have some experience coaching at this level before moving up the ranks to the top spot.

To put one final exclamation point on this whole unfortunate situation, I am at it again predicting what Kelly's future in football holds as a head coach. I will openly admit that I completely blew the call the first time around, but I honestly believe that I nailed it this time in another article posted on Doc's Sports.

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