Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week 17 NFC Match-Ups

There are three games in the NFC this week that will have a bearing on the seeding for the playoffs. Of course none is bigger than the Eagles-Cowboys game which will not only determine which team wins the NFC East, but which team has the easier path to winning a Championship.

Just to recap if the Eagles win, they would win the NFC East and get a first round bye in the playoffs. The Cowboys would then most likely play the Vikings in Minnesota in the wildcard round.

If the unspeakable happens and the Eagles lose, then the Cowboys win the East and could still get the number two seed if both Minnesota and Arizona lose. Since that would be unlikely, what would most likely happen is that the Eagles and Cowboys would play again in Dallas next week in a wildcard game.

The following is my preview of all three impact games as posted on SportsBook Lists

NFC Week 17 Match-Ups

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