Friday, September 16, 2011

NFC East Football Previews- Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

If I had to grade last week's performance, the Eagles would get a B-. They won the game with relative ease, but the offensive line remains a serious concern as Michael Vick took way too many hits against a team that is not known as a quarterback-killer. The linebacking corps is another area that needs improvement as Philly could have ended-up losing this game if Steven Jackson does not get hurt.

Atlanta comes in with a solid running game led by Michael Turner and a capable quarterback in Matt Ryan. You would have to believe that this offense will do a much better job this week after being held to just two field goals against Chicago in a 30-12 opening day loss.

Of course, the big tagline in this game is Vick's return to the Georgia Dome as a starter for the first time since his playing days with the Falcons. He was pretty much a non-factor in a 2009 visit as a back-up, but with a national audience tuning in on Sunday Night Football, I fully expect him to light things up with another memorable prime time performance.

Below is my complete preview of this game as originally posted on SportsBook Lists

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

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