Friday, November 18, 2011

NFC East Game Previews- Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants

Before the season started, I had this game circled on the schedule as the Eagles' coming-out party as not only the best team in the division, but as one of the top two teams in the NFC. Well after last week's debacle against Arizona, I have officially written this year off as a lost season even though there are still seven games remaining on the schedule.

I feel bad quitting on this team and my poor father is probably rolling around in his grave as he would equate this poor attitude to someone leaving the game in the third quarter, but unfortunately the reality of the current state of this team leaves me no choice. Let's go back in time to the 2005 regular season when the Birds were coming off a tough loss to New England in the Super Bowl, but were one of the favorites to return to the NFC title game with a team that was still loaded with talent. Terrell Owens started the downfall but the rest of the squad quickly followed suit in what resulted in a disappointing 6-10 record and an early exit to the offseason.

In the spirit of T.O., DeSean Jackson has picked-up the torch of disgruntled wide receiver but he is just a minor part of what is wrong with this team. Unfortunately in the NFL, shiny and new is often more effective than tried and true. Andy Reid could almost be considered a dinosaur for his 12 years as a head coach with the same team, especially in a town like Philadelphia. Right now he is the most tenured coach in the league, which is as much of a curse as it is an accomplishment.

As the weather turns cold in South Philly, the winds of change are also starting to swirl much harder around the perimeter of Lincoln Financial Field. The best thing that can happen from this point on is for the Eagles to maintain their current form so that Reid can pull a Dick Vermeil and quietly excuse himself from the top spot, citing burnout as the primary reason for doing so. This would give him a year off to recharge his batteries and come back stronger than ever with another team.

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the NFL, and it is time for a clean sweep on a team that is obviously headed in the wrong direction. What would remain is a enough talent to win right away with a young buck in place to relight the fire under a franchise whose pilot light has clearly gone out.

For what it is worth, below is a link to my complete preview and pick for Sunday night’s game against the Giants as originally posted on Bang the Book.

NFC East Game Previews- Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants

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