Thursday, November 15, 2012

NFL Totals Betting: Week 11 Over and Under Predictions

The Eagles' loss to Dallas last Sunday was painful to watch on a number of levels. I am not really upset that they lost because neither one of these teams is going anywhere this season, but I am distraught over the final score.

I had gone way out on the ledge to predict that this game was definitely going to stay UNDER the 44.5-point total line to the point where I made this my biggest play of the season in my weekly Eagles' game prediction for Doc's Sports Service. I was sitting pretty with the Eagles leading 17-10 late in the third quarter and then in a blink of an eye (actually 2:25 minutes)the score had ballooned to 31-17 Dallas after it posted a long touchdown pass, punt return for a score and an interception returned for a score.

This revolting development marked the end of my day, the end of the Eagles' season and most likely the end of the Andy Reid and Michael Vick era in Philadelphia. It is hard to believe that that sort of incredible chain of events could have done that much damage.

I am back on the horse this week as far as picking my top three "over/under" matchups but am staying as far away from this Sunday's Eagles' game against the Redskins as I have no clue what that final score is going to look like.

If you want to check out this week's picks click the link below for this week's article on Doc's.

NFL Totals Betting: Week 11 Over and Under Predictions

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