Saturday, August 3, 2013

NFL Previews- 2013 Odds to Win the NFC East

Over the past few weeks I have been taking a closer look at each NFL team's odds to win its division this season. Saving the best for last, it is time to breakdown the NFC East to see which of the four teams will break through the pack to claim the 2013 division title.

The current favorite is the New York Giants, but I honestly feel that all four teams have a legitimate shot at winning the NFC East this year. As much as I want to be a homer and tell everyone that the Eagles are going turn things around from last year's 4-12 record with a stunning run back to the playoffs, that will not be the case. What I do see happening this season for the Birds is as many losses as wins that keeps them in the title hunt until the final week of the regular season.

My official prediction for the NFC East this season is a four-team log jam that ends up sending just one team to the postseason. I have Philadelphia and Washington going 8-8 while Dallas and New York finish 9-7. The tie-breaker goes to the Giants. This is the first time since I started this blog in 2009 that I have the Eagles missing the playoffs, but it is what it is. I see big things in Philadelphia's future under Chip Kelly, as his innovative style is going to eventually bring the glory days back to the Linc, but patience remains the key as it may take a couple of seasons to get there.

The following is a link to my preview of the NFC East in an article that was previously posted on Cappers Picks.

NFL Previews – 2013 NFC East Betting

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