Friday, February 6, 2015

Super Bowl 50 Futures: Shopping for the Best Odds

Most of the major sportsbooks have already released their initial betting odds for next season's Super Bowl and while the good news is that the Eagles are in the top 10 pretty much across the board, the bad news is that Dallas is still favored ahead them to win it all.

We all know that a lot can happen between now and opening day of the 2015 season in early September, but often times you can find some solid value in these betting odds given that they are primarily based on past performance as opposed to future potential. I recently put a piece together for Doc's Sports where I not only took a closer look at the numbers to try and uncover where the best value lies, I also shopped the odds between three major sportsbooks; Bovada, BetOnline and Sportsbook to really enhance the value of any early wagers.

The following is a link to the article

Super Bowl 50 Futures: Shopping for the Best Betting Odds

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