Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Prop Bet Predictions

Last week I posted my official preview and pick for this Sunday’s Super Bowl and while I am beginning to think that this matchup may actually be too close to call, I am not backing down on New England as my pick to win this game by a final score of 24-20.

This week, I am releasing my picks for some of the top prop bets surrounding this game. Betting on props such as which team will score first or which player will score the first touchdown have become as big as the game itself. Not only are prop bets the biggest one-day fantasy fiesta for true NFL junkies, they also offer one last chance to enhance the betting action on the final game of the NFL season.

Below is a link to my prop picks for the Super Bowl in an article that was previously posted on Sports Betting Stats. Go Pats!!!!

Betting on Super Bowl XLIX Props

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