Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Odds are Stacked the Eagles in 2016

The odds to win the Super Bowl are usually released in early February just days after the previous Super Bowl has been played. From there, you will begin to find odds posted to win both the AFC and the NFC followed by odds to win each individual division along with the projected win totals for all 32 NFL teams. No matter how you stack it all up, the odds are clearly stacked against the Eagles heading into the 2016 regular season.

Starting with the Super Bowl, Philly is well down the list as 66/1 longshots according to BetOnline. Washington's odds are set at 40/1 followed by New York at 22/1 and Dallas at 16/1. The New England Patriots are at the top of that list at 13/2. The best odds to win the Super Bowl from any team in the NFC are 17/2 for the Seattle Seahawks.

Moving on to the odds to win the NFC, the Eagles' odds are cut in half to 33/1 and the only other teams with longer odds are New Orleans (40/1), Tampa Bay (40/1) and San Francisco (50/1). Going back to the NFC East, the Redskins' odds to win the conference are set at 20/1 with the Giants coming in at 12/1 and the Cowboys near the top of the list at 8/1. Seattle is the favorite to win the NFC at 4/1 followed by Green Bay (9/2), Carolina (5/1) and Arizona (6/1).

Things remain pretty bleak for the Birds in the chase for the NFC East Division title at 9/2 odds, which are the longest on the board. Washington's odds to repeat as division champs are set at 3/1 and New York is second on the list at 5/2. The Cowboys only won four games last season, but the oddsmakers must be banking heavily on Tony Romo staying healthy for all 16 games this year as 3/2 favorites to end up first in the division race.

Following suit when it comes to projected win totals, the Eagles are at the bottom of the list in the NFC East at seven wins with the corresponding moneyline odds favoring the the UNDER at -150. The Redskins are projected to be a half game better at 7.5 wins and their moneyline odds slightly favor the OVER at -120. New York's projected win total stands at eight with a -140 moneyline leaning towards the OVER. Dallas is projected to have the most wins in the NFC East at 9.5, but the moneyline for the Cowboys is set at -130 that the actual total will stay UNDER. The one positive takeaway from these win total odds is that Philly is not that far off the pace and if it can find a way to exceed its projected number by two games that might actually be enough to win the division at 9-7.

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