Sunday, July 3, 2016

Doug Pederson has Nowhere to Go but Up just released its rankings for all 32 NFL head coaches and at the very bottom of the list is Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. The poor guy has not even lost his first game and he is already being dragged through the mud. I guess somebody had to be last on this list so why not someone that is still waiting for his first chorus of boos from the Philly faithful at the Linc.

The jury is going to be out on Pederson for quite some time with the bar set pretty low for the Eagles this season. Andy Reid never had any head coaching experience when he took over the helm as the team's top guy in 1999 and he went on to have a pretty good run in Philadelphia. Pederson is a protege of Reid as part of Andy's staff in Kansas City and he even started a few games for the Eagles at quarterback to help set the stage for then rookie Donovan McNabb to eventually fill the starting role.

Pederson has not done anything wrong to deserve such a low ranking, but he has not done anything right to instill a high level of confidence that he can has his own long run in Philly as head coach. Time will tell what his ultimate fate will be, but for right now he has nowhere to go but up!

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