Saturday, July 16, 2016

You Cannot Spell Overrated Without Tony Romo

In my last post for Eagles Lincs, I raised the question as to the validity of Donovan McNabb's viability of some day being named a "Hall of Fame" quarterback. The jury is still out on that query, so this time around I decided to make a complete factual case as to why Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo is with out a doubt one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Let's start with the glaring fact concerning his team's overall record during his tenure with the team as the starting quarterback. Citing as my source, the Cowboys have a grand total of five winning seasons in his ten years at the helm. Any way you decide to break that down it is still mediocre at best. In his team's five winning seasons, Dallas has gone 1-5 in six playoff games. Once again, any way you try and spin that one it still comes up well short of spectacular.

Many Cowboys' fans will point to the gaudy stats that Romo has posted as the starting quarterback of America's Team. Let's start with the 2014 season which was probably his best as a pro. Dallas won the NFC East at 12-4 and it went on to beat Detroit 24-20 in the Wildcard Round of the playoffs. The run ended there with a 26-21 loss the Green Bay Packers in the next round, but Romo did get the monkey off his back after coming up short in four previous postseason performances. He threw for 3,705 yards that season, which was ranked 14th in the league. He ended that year with 34 touchdown throws, which was fourth on the list and his overall quarterback rating of 113.2 was the best in the NFL among all starting quarterbacks. That's it folks!That's the highlight reel that is supposed to pave Romo's way to Canton!

Anyone reading this post already knows how I feel about the Dallas Cowboys and their grandiose owner Jerry Jones. As one of the most self-indulging, pompous human beings to ever walk this earth, the only accurate way that I can describe Jones is that he will go down as the ultimate 'legend in his own mind'. He has gone to great lengths to promote his starting quarterback as one of the best to ever play the game and while I have no problem with an owner backing his quarterback one hundred percent (Robert Craft and Tom Brady) I still think there should be at least one Super Bowl ring involved behind Jones's ridiculous admiration for Romo.

Tony is not a bad guy and if he actually played for a different team I would probably look at his overall career in a different light. He has had a very successful run in the NFL given his humble beginnings as a free agent out of Eastern Illinois way back in 2003. In his first 13 NFL seasons, he has thrown for over 34,000 yards and close to 250 touchdowns. His overall QB rating is 97.1 and he has a solid completion percentage of 65.3. I would never try and argue against the fact that Romo is a very good starting NFL quarterback, but he is not a future "Hall of Famer" by any stretch of imagination.

Romo's playing days are not over and, if somehow the Cowboys manage to win a Super Bowl with him at the helm, this status could change. Maybe it could be as early as this season with Dallas listed as the clear favorite to win the NFC East and a "Top 5" team to win the conference, but if you truly buy into all that hype you probably also believe that pigs can actually fly.

I know that I am the ultimate homer fan when it comes to the Eagles and a big part of playing that role is hating Dallas with every essence of my being. However, facts are facts and it would still be extremely hard for anyone to dispute my stance that Romo has been, still is and destined to be one of the most overrated NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game!

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