Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eagles @ Redskins Game Preview

I never thought I would see the day that the Eagles would beat a Colts' team with Peyton Manning behind center after watching him pick Philly's secondary apart for the past decade in four straight lopsided losses.

This victory was key for the Eagles but even more important to get me back on track for my prediction that they would go 10-6 this season. Here is a recap of my picks so far:

Green Bay Sun 09/12 4:15 PM EDT-LOSS..........27-20 LOSS
Detroit Sun 09/19 1:00 PM EDT -WIN...............35-32 WIN
@ Jacksonville Sun 09/26 4:05 PM EDT -WIN.....28-3 WIN
Washington Sun 10/03 4:15 PM EDT -WIN.........17-12 LOSS
@ San Francisco Sun 10/10 8:20 PM EDT -LOSS...27-24 WIN
Atlanta Sun 10/17 1:00 PM EDT -WIN................31-17 WIN
@ Tennessee Sun 10/24 1:00 PM EDT -WIN........37-19 LOSS
Indianapolis Sun 11/07 4:15 PM EST -LOSS..........26-24 WIN

Just flip-flop the Redskins/49ers games and the Titans/Colts games and I would be a perfect 8-0 for the first half. That is why I get paid to do this stuff!

I will be 0-1 starting off the second half of the season as I had the Birds losing to Washington on the road this week, but that is not going to happen. In fact, I will be surprised if the Eagles do not win this game by at least two touchdowns.

Ever since nut-job Shanahan decided to bench McNabb for reasons that still have yet to be properly explained, he put the kiss of death on his team. If they win more than six games this season I will be shocked (they are currently 4-4). A move like that does nothing more than divide a team as some players may agree with the coach, while others will side with the player. How is McNabb supposed to go out and do his job with one eye leaning toward the sideline looking for the head coach to pull him again?

Say what you want about Andy Reid, but in the 11 years these two were together he would never think about pulling a stunt like that with the game on the line.

Enough said....below is a the link to my complete preview of Monday night's game as originally posted on Cappers Picks

NFL Week 10: Eagles vs. Redskins

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