Thursday, December 20, 2012

NFL Betting: Principles of Playoff Success

We are heading into Week 16 off the NFL regular season and the only thing we know for sure about the playoffs when it comes to the NFC East is that Eagles' chances to make it in ended when the leaves were still on the trees and pretty much still green. The Birds actually have an opportunity to have a major say in which team actually wins the East with a home game against Washington and a road game against the Giants to close out the regular season.

I just cannot see Philly derailing the Redskins' chances and Dallas should find a way to get by New Orleans this Sunday, so this season's NFC East title should come down to the winner of a Week 17 showdown between the Cowboys and Redskins in Washington. I cannot bring myself to root for Dallas and the Giants had their shot last year, so I guess I am pulling for RG III and the Skins.

Last season, I boldly stated in one of my posts that it did not matter which team won the division because they were going to be a 'one and done' in the playoffs anyway. There is no way I can be wrong two years in a row, so I am saying it again. Whichever of these three teams claims the NFC East will have a very short stay in the postseason and the other two will end-up in the same boat as the Eagles; watching the playoffs on TV.

The following is a link to an article I recently wrote for SBR Forum as part of a three-part series on tips for wagering on the NFL playoffs.

NFL Betting: Principles of Playoff Success

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