Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly Philadelphia Eagles Betting Picks: Week 14 vs. Tampa Bay

This Sunday, the Eagles travel to Tampa Bay looking to snap their longest losing streak since the late 90's. Things have gotten so bad this season that I have already read a couple of articles talking about how Philadelphia might qualify for next April's top pick in the draft. I myself have questioned whether or not this team will win again this season after suffering through one disappointing performance after another.

Making matters worse for this Sunday's game is the fact that the 6-6 Buccaneers are still in the playoff hunt and in desperate need of a win to keep their hopes alive. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles has been handed the reins to the offense for the rest of the season but he is seriously handicapped with both LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson out of the lineup. The one bright spot has been the emergence of rookie running back Bryce Brown, who is averaging 6.5 yards a carry. He has also fumbled the ball three times in his last two games which obviously needs to be corrected if he is to become a legitimate one-two punch out of the backfield with McCoy.

The best news out of Philadelphia this week was new defensive line coach Tommy Brasher's decision to abandon the 'wide 9' scheme the line had been using the past two seasons. This alignment never made any sense to me as I think it created way too many uncloseable gaps for the opponents running game. I guess it was somewhat of a success last season in helping to create sacks but even that advantage has all but disappeared this year.

Overall, the 2012 campaign has been a complete disaster in every phase of the game as we have watched a once proud team hit rock bottom. The good news is that if Jeff Lurie can bring in the right head coach, this team still has enough talent to turn things around pretty quickly. It is obvious that current coach Andy Reid lost his team somewhere back in early October and is not about to claim it back over the next four weeks.

Below is a link to my weekly preview and prediction for Doc’s Sports Service that was previously posted earlier this week.

Weekly Philadelphia Eagles Betting Picks: Week 14 vs. Tampa Bay

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