Sunday, January 11, 2015

NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview & Pick: Dallas vs. Green Bay

Anyone who read my preview and pick for last Sunday's Detroit at Dallas game is well aware that I was not only on the Cowboys' bandwagon, I was sitting in the front row blowing the horn the loudest. Maybe it was my subconscious way to jinx any true die-hard Eagles' fan's mortal enemy and it almost worked. I thought Dallas was going to roll in that game, but all Jerry's boys showed me was that the stage is starting to get a bit too big for his beloved franchise.

Bad calls go against teams in almost every NFL game, but the refs in that Wild Card matchup did everything within their power to get Dallas the win. The no-call on the obvious pass interference play completely change the complexion of that game and for good measure the homer zebras threw in a few defensive holding/interference penalties on the Lions in the ensuing drive after that blown call to make sure that the Cowboys scored the eventual winning touchdown.

This Sunday is going to be a completely different story in Green Bay as long as Aaron Rodger's injured calf can hold-up for all four quarters. The Packers are not the Lions and the Cowboys are not as good of a team that I may have led you to believe in my previous post. That will be evident in the final score on Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field unless the fix is once again in to get the Cowboys another improbable win in the playoffs.

The following is a link to my official preview and pick for Sunday's game in a previous post for Sports Betting Stats.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers Betting Pick

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