Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFC Top Three Matchups- Week 4 Handicapping Report

Every week I take a detailed look at the top three matchups in the NFC as way to get ready for this Sunday's games. At the top of this week's list is Sunday night's Giants vs. Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Last week I went way out on a limb with a 4-Unit play on the Birds and we all know how that worked out. When I handicapped that matchup, I focused more on the Eagles potential as opposed to their current form. After turning the ball over nine times in the first two games, I just assumed they would do a much better job against Arizona. While Philly looked horrible in the first half, it was still just one play away from grabbing all the momentum with a late score in the first half. Instead, another crushing turnover by Michael Vick turned a very managable 17-7 deficit at the half into a 24-0 hole that this team had no chance of climbing out of.

For this Sunday night's game, you have to take into consideration the current form of both teams which does not paint of pretty picture for the Eagles' chances to come away with a win. Remember back to last September when Philadelphia was a nine-point favorite at home against New York in late September and it got spanked 29-16. That loss marked the beginning of the end for the 2011 season. Unfortunately, I have that sinking feeling that we might be headed down that same road again.

The following is a link to Week 4's top three NFC matchups in an article that was originally posted on Bang the Book.

NFC Top Three Matchups- Week 4 Handicapping Report

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