Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Philadelphia Eagles Betting Picks: Week 4 vs. Giants

It is hard to believe that the new NFL regular season is entering just its fourth week and the Eagles are aleady at a crossroads in Sunday night's game against the Giants, but to me that clearly seems to be the case.

Last year, the Birds opened-up with a pretty routine win over St. Louis and then dropped a 35-31 shootout against Atlanta on the road. They came into the following game as nine-point favorites at home against New York and got their doors blown off in a 29-16 loss. Things went from bad to worse with losses to San Francisco and Buffalo and suddenly the whole season was lost.

I do not know about you, but last Sunday's debacle in the desert shook my confidence in this year's Eagles to the core. Suddenly their offensive line has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese and the defensive secondary is once again a liability with the kind of talent that should make it a strength.

This week's game against the Giants will go a long way towards proving one of two things; either the first three weeks were just an anomaly of the true talent and ability of this team or we are on the brink of watching another dream team turn into a nightmare.

The following is a link to my complete preview and prediction for Sunday night's game as part of my ongoing series for Doc's Sports Services where I use their Unit Betting System to put a confidence value on my pick.

Weekly Philadelphia Eagles Betting Picks: Week 4 vs. Giants

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