Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Philadelphia Eagles Betting Picks: Week 1 vs. Browns

When the Eagles take the field this Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium it will either be the start of something big or Andy Reid's swan song with a team he has coached since the late 90's. Only Jeffery Lurie knows for sure what level of success it will take for Reid to keep his job, but he has gone out of his way to put the winningest coach in franchise history officially on the 'hot seat' before his team's first snap of the new season.

Lurie's attitude is more than justified but, in a very Jerry Jones-like fashion, it was just plain stupid to make his feelings public. Reid is well aware of the situation and would be the first to tell you that last season's performance in light of the overall talent on this team was unacceptable. He has also been down this road before and has always been able to get his team to respond with a much better performance the following season. Throw in a couple of years when he squeezed a hell of a lot more out of a sub-par team and it all adds up to a pretty damn good job over the past 13 years.

This year's whole shooting match starts with the Birds heading into Cleveland as nine-point favorites. This means that things could get hairy right off the bat if this game is not a blow-out. A close win would raise a yellow flag while a loss would be devastating. Not to worry, this game will not be close, primarily because of the Eagles' defense, which is ready to fly.

The following is a link to my complete preview of Sunday's game in an article that was originally posted on Doc's Sports Service along with a pick that utilizes their specialized 'Unit Betting System'.

Weekly Philadelphia Eagles Betting Picks: Week 1 vs. Browns

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