Thursday, September 6, 2012

NFL Betting Trends- Updated Super Bowl Odds

Last year at this time the Eagles were one of the top favorites to not only win the NFC but the Super Bowl as well. Jeff Lurie went on a multi-million dollar spending spree to bring in some of the top free agents on the market that offseason in hopes of providing the missing pieces for a championship run. Well we all know how that turned out.

This season, the Birds are once again near the top of the list to finally break through and win it all, but Eagles Nation is not jumping in line to drink the Kool-Aid just yet. There is a certain cautious optimism surrounding this year's team, but I do not think anyone is completely sold on the vision of Lurie and Andy Reid hugging it out while holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl XLVII. If the Eagles reel off five or six straight wins to start the season things might change, but lets just get by Cleveland this Sunday to start.

While I have yet to make an official pick, I honestly believe that Philly will make it back to the NFC Championship Game (which is hopefully good enough to keep Reid around for a few more years) but unfortunately that game is going to be played in Green Bay. I cannot see the Packers losing at home in the playoffs two years in-a-row. I am not giving up hope of a Super Bowl run, but I am also not booking any flights to New Orleans in early February either.

The following is a link to an updated look at a few teams whose stock is on the rise and a few in decline in terms of the current odds to win the Super Bowl this season. It was originally posted on Bang the Book.

NFL Betting Trends- Updated Super Bowl Odds

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